We offer a wide selection of West African djembes.   We have drums that are 100% built in West Africa that range in price and quality.  Alternatively we offer drums that are custom built in house from the shell (raw wood) in Suffolk, UK and we use only the highest quality materials.  Before leaving our workshop additions can be made to all djembes – tuning, adding rubber bottoms which protect the base & adding embellishments.  All our drums are unique and one of a kind and the price differences reflect different qualities and attributes that we have outlined in the description of each drum.  We do not use level classifications for our hardwood drums as we truly believe that any drum on our site will perform for you as intended.  It will literally provide a lifelong drum that you can tweak as you go and as you learn or you can cherish it as is.  Our drums are an investment and a piece of functional art that you can proudly place in your home, of course when you are not out and about enjoying it.