Mali Djembe (WR-0567)


100% Mali Djembe imported from West Africa.  Hand carved with a premium selected goat skin.  Crafted to produce the traditional Mali djembe sound with very rich tones and slaps.  The shape has the traditional “goblet” shape that we love with Mali djembes – simple and timeless.  The decorative foot design has deep ornate “Guinea” style carving.  We have slightly modified this djembe by changing the rope which will help keep its tune. This shell was hand picked by Wooden Roots for its raw quality – it all starts with the wood and this is the same wood that we would use to build our custom drums with.  This gives you the ability to grow with this djembe and transform it into a full Wooden Roots drum down the road should you wish.  By upgrading to higher quality materials and enhancements a perfect solution if you are not in the market just yet for a top of the line djembe.  DO NOT LET THIS ONE PASS YOU BY!

Country of Origin

Wood Type


13" (33 cm)


24 3/8" (62 cm)


22.4 lbs (10.20 kg)

Skin type


Heading type

Skin cut

Rope colour

Blue & White

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