Popped Head                        Cracks                        Rubber bottom               Bearing Edge

Do you have a djembe that you can’t play because it needs re-heading or generally fixing up?

Bring it to us or give us a call and we can give you a quote for repair – within a few weeks we can have you back up and playing again.

We offer a variety of services that include:

  • Bearing edge
  • Rubber bottom
  • Tack work
  • Wood conditioning
  • Hitches
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Re-heading djembe w/basic goat skin
  • Djembe pro tune w/goat skin
  • Heading djembe w/basic calf/cow skin
  • Djembe pro tune calf/cow skin
  • Re-heading a dunun
  • Filling cracks
  • Levelling top and bottom

We do all djembe repairs, whether or not the drum has come from Wooden Roots. We use all of the same materials for repairs as we do on drums that we sell. You can feel confident that after we repair your drum, it will look, sound and feel like it came from our shop originally.

The prices for our drum repairs vary, depending on the type of drum and whether or not Wooden Roots originally built the drum and/or have repaired it in the past (WRD) or whether it is the first time that we are working on the drum i.e non-Wooden Roots Drum).

Our business owner and master-builder, Marcus Brown, has over 10 years experience in building and repairing West African drums & percussion instruments.  Our reputation for having the highest quality djembes in the world is a direct result of his vast knowledge of woodworking, use of drum skins and direct and personal dealings with various styles of African drum and dance culture in general.

When shipping your drum to us for repair, please enclose a letter with your contact information as well as any specifics that you have on the repair. It is best if you do not include any extra items such as a case or strap with the drum. Upon receiving your drum, we will give you a call to go over all of the details.

If you would like to contact us to organise a repair, please email us here.